Welcome to My First WP Site

Hello, that is sample WordPress home Page. This page can be set as front-page. When Visitors reach my site using the domain or URL, the front-page is the first page they will see. If this page is set to static, It will no change often. If this front-page is set to posts, it will show my most recent post.

I can insert a variety of media on this page including images, video and audio. I can also link to documents. I can Upload or insert images from the web using their URL. The Homepage will be set the tone for entire site. So if you are a blogger or Journalist, then post would be the way to go. If you are business owner, or want to create an online portfolio/bio, then chose a page. The overall look and feel of the home page should engage your visitors. The homepage will usually contain the main header image at the top of the page. If your them has multiple templates (layouts), you can assign the home page a different layout from the other pages on the site.